Your Mind at Work

The talk was aimed at anyone in the workplace, with a special emphasis on women. The speaker offered a unique perspective on problem-solving and facing challenges, encouraging attendees to adopt an Inside Out approach when navigating the world of work. This approach, among other benefits, aimed to reduce stress levels, promote self-confidence, and equip individuals with effective strategies for dealing with difficult people.

Throughout the talk, the speaker emphasized the importance of shifting one's mindset and examining situations from an internal perspective. By understanding and addressing their own thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, participants could gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics at play in their professional lives.

The speaker discussed various techniques and strategies for adopting an Inside Out perspective. Attendees learned how to identify and challenge their own limiting beliefs, helping them to reframe difficulties as opportunities for growth and learning. By reframing problems and seeing them as temporary setbacks rather than insurmountable obstacles, individuals were encouraged to approach challenges with greater confidence and resilience.

Furthermore, the talk provided practical guidance on managing stress in the workplace. Attendees learned strategies to reduce stress levels by focusing on their internal responses rather than external circumstances. The speaker emphasized the power of self-care and taught techniques such as mindfulness and relaxation exercises to help individuals cope with the pressures of work more effectively.

Dealing with difficult people was another crucial aspect covered in the talk. Attendees were given insights and tools to navigate challenging interactions and maintain their composure and self-assurance in such situations. The speaker shared effective communication techniques, assertiveness skills, and strategies for setting boundaries, enabling participants to handle difficult individuals with confidence and professionalism.

Throughout the talk, the speaker's engaging delivery and interactive approach encouraged active participation from the audience. Attendees were able to share their experiences, ask questions, and receive personalized advice and guidance.

By the end of the talk, participants had gained a fresh perspective on work-related challenges and difficulties. They left with a newfound sense of empowerment, armed with practical strategies to reduce stress, boost self-confidence, and effectively handle difficult people. The talk successfully equipped attendees with the necessary tools to approach their work life from an Inside Out perspective, fostering personal growth and enhancing their overall professional experience.


About the speaker

Doreen is a Life and Executive Coach operating a busy practice in Belfast, N.Ireland. She has had a long career in business and finance which has always involved developing people to their full potential. Her Honours degree was in Business Science and her Masters was in Organisation and Management. Lately she qualified as a teacher of English as a Second Language, and tutored foreign professionals working in Belfast. Then in 2018 she left the corporate world and qualified as an accredited Life and Executive Coach.

She loves helping people move forward and achieve their goals. During 1-1 coaching she teaches a different way of thinking which completely changes the attitude to problems, giving clients clarity and reducing stress in their life. Her clients come from all backgrounds and many different employment situations, but they all gain clarity of thought, calmness and control, and go on to transform their lives!

Doreen also delivers seminars and workshops to organisations for their staff.

She is also a public speaker, a published author and a part-time University tutor, delivering her course “Change your mind – change your life!” twice a year at Queen’s University Belfast.

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