Returning To Work With Confidence

Karishma Motiram led a captivating session where participants explored the profound impact of mindset on the experiences of individuals returning to work following maternity leave. The event provided valuable insights into how our self-perception and the perceptions of our colleagues shape our workplace interactions during this crucial transition.

During the event, practical tools and techniques were shared, empowering attendees to immediately apply them to boost their confidence and present themselves powerfully in the workplace. Participants discovered untapped inner superpowers that they may not have been utilizing to their full potential.

This enlightening event served as a valuable resource for maternity leave returnees, equipping them with the necessary mindset and strategies to navigate their professional journey with confidence and resilience.

About the speaker

As a psychology graduate, with a certification in Life Coaching and Mindfulness, Karishma Motiram uses her skills and experience to coach working parents in senior roles to master a healthy work-life balance. She also run a specialist maternity coaching programme that enhances women’s transition back into the workplace following maternity leave.

Website: https://thethoughtbox.co.uk/

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