Pursue Your Career Without Compromising Your Personal Life.

Find clarity for what is really getting in your way and get practical tips you can put into place straight away.

Are you exhausted trying to juggle everything? Does work-life balance feel like an unattainable dream? Are you worried about how to move forward in your career when your children are young?

Attendees of the event were welcomed with questions about their struggles with juggling multiple responsibilities and achieving work-life balance. The speaker, Caroline, shared her personal experience of navigating a high-pressure work environment while balancing the demands of raising two young children. She candidly discussed her perceived "failure" in achieving the desired balance and the valuable lessons she learned from that experience.

Caroline guided participants through mindset tools and provided insightful tips to help them redefine what balance truly meant for them. The session encouraged attendees to gain clarity on the obstacles standing in their way and offered practical strategies to overcome them. The focus was on empowering individuals to take immediate action by implementing the tips and techniques shared during the event.

The atmosphere was supportive and engaging, as participants related to Caroline's relatable experiences and eagerly absorbed the mindset tools and practical tips offered. Attendees left the session equipped with a deeper understanding of work-life balance, a clearer vision of what it meant to them personally, and actionable steps they could immediately incorporate into their lives.

The event provided a space for individuals to reflect, gain insights, and embrace a more holistic approach to managing their professional and personal lives. Caroline's personal journey and the valuable strategies shared left participants feeling inspired, motivated, and equipped with practical tools to strive for a better work-life balance.

About the speaker

Caroline Pellerin is an ICF Accredited Leadership and Executive Coach with a background in Management Consulting. She has personal experience of what it feels like to be torn between challenging professional expectations and your personal life, and her clients experience the same challenges.

She is a mother of 3, and has experienced working full-time, part-time and being a 'stay at home parent'. She has lived and worked abroad and has recently returned to live in the UK. Caroline is also a fluent French speaker.




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