Public Speaking: Ditch the Fear and Speak with Confidence

Public Speaking: Ditch the Fear and Speak with Confidence

The thought of public speaking can be frightful. Many break out in a cold sweat and would rather voluntarily get some dental work done. If only it wasn’t such an amazing way to raise your profile, demonstrate your competence and set yourself up to be the natural choice for your next move up. Know that you don’t have to fear public speaking! In fact, it’s totally possible for you to not only do it well, but to actually love it.

The workshop provided participants with valuable insights and practical guidance on public speaking. Attendees learned what aspects to focus on, discovering that it’s not always what they initially thought. They also discovered an underrated tool that could reset their calm and help manage any anxieties. The workshop addressed the importance of identifying and replacing negative, fear-based thoughts with more empowering ones. Exploring worst-case scenarios was highlighted as a strategy for preparing oneself for success. Practical steps were shared to boost confidence when delivering a talk, and participants learned how to evaluate their performance, ensuring continuous growth and improvement throughout their public speaking journey.

About the speaker

Carola is a certified Co-Active Coach. She was born in Germany and now lives in South Oxfordshire, working with an international clientele.

She is a sounding board, accountability partner and wonky-thinking-detective. This helps her guide clients to create their intentional life – in any or all areas.

She believes it’s possible to have your cake and eat it!

Find out more about Carola at TheCarolaMoon.com.


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