How To Perform At Your Best In All Areas Of Life

When we think of performance we typically think of it in a work context. But peak performance is really about us reaching our full potential, maximising what we can get out of our entire life, not just work.

This meeting helped us understand how to achieve our full potential without getting burned out.

About the speaker

Georgeta Vlase-Harvey is a Certified Personal Performance Coach who’s passion is to help all women feel happier in their lives, whichever stage of it they’re at. Our levels of happiness are very much related to our opportunities for learning, development and growth (in all areas of life, not just work-related). Yet, women are under so much pressure to be everything for everyone else, that they run out of energy and time to ever think about their own needs and wants. Georgeta’s work aims to empower women to stop feeling selfish and start bringing into their life the people, experiences and things that bring them joy.

Website: https://yourworkandlifeinbalance.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgetavlaseharvey/

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