Event Recording: How Can You Supercharge Your Motivation?

How Can You Supercharge Your Motivation?

"If we are motivated, we feel we can do anything and we WANT to do it. Motivation energizes and propels us toward action."

 Sharon Baker, Founder and Transformational Life Coach

This event offered a creative and enjoyable session for participants who found themselves procrastinating or unable to pursue their true desires. Attendees were invited to reflect on their motivation levels and explore the factors that contribute to a sense of inspiration and drive.

During the session, participants discovered that motivation is a multifaceted concept with various components. Values, habits, clarity of goals and purpose were identified as crucial elements that needed to be aligned for motivation to thrive. It was emphasized that without this alignment, the metaphorical train of progress and action would struggle to leave the station.

The session focused on providing practical tools and techniques to fine-tune and strengthen motivation. Attendees learned easy ways to build and sustain their motivation, enabling them to overcome procrastination and take decisive action towards their goals. Strategies for identifying areas of success and celebration were explored, as well as areas that required further attention and improvement.

A creative model was presented, allowing participants to assess their motivation levels and pinpoint areas that needed adjustment. This model could be used repeatedly as a self-assessment tool, providing ongoing guidance and support in maintaining motivation.

Furthermore, the session provided insights on removing any obstacles or brakes that hindered the ability to take inspired action. Attendees learned strategies to overcome limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and external challenges, empowering them to accelerate their progress and confidently pursue their aspirations.

By the end of the session, participants left with a greater understanding of motivation and the factors that influenced their drive. They gained practical techniques to build and maintain motivation, along with a framework to continuously evaluate and enhance their motivational levels. Attendees were inspired to remove barriers and take inspired action towards their dreams and goals.

The session was designed to be creative and enjoyable, encouraging active participation and fostering a supportive environment. Participants expressed their gratitude for the insights gained and the practical tools provided, leaving the event feeling energized, motivated, and equipped to make positive changes in their lives.

About Sharon Baker, Founder and Transformational Life Coach

She runs ‘The Freedom Formula’ to help smart, ambitious and creative female leaders find their purpose, passion and peace. 65% of clients say her coaching has been ‘life changing’ or ‘transformational’.

She is in the top 1% of accredited coaches in the UK, and trains professional coaches. She has a psychology degree, is a fine artist and has a Post Grad in coaching.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharon-baker-pcc-4a162a12/

Website: www.flydontwalk.com

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