Discovering Your Best Self As A Woman

Would you say you are living a life that is true to you, and to who you are?

Are you living your best life? 

I truly believe that all of us have everything within us to achieve our dreams, aspirations, and happiness. It’s just that life gets in the way sometimes.

My business started on my own journey to overcome stress, self-doubt, and depression.

My life, like many women, was often like a rollercoaster, up one minute and hurtling down the next. Emotions, hormones, health, career, marriage, kids all thrown into the melting pot of life.

It was on this journey I trained as a Master NLP Life Coach and Practitioner, to better understand the curious workings of the mind and what makes us tick from the inside out, and how best to juggle all of this.

I discovered It is not just the mind but our emotions, our experiences, our values, and beliefs we hold to be true, that create and influence our lives.

We know this consciously, but do we notice how all these things influence us sub-consciously and perhaps even hold us back?

As women we are often last to place value on ourselves and our achievements.

Raina Kalhan

Are we aware of the messages we are sending ourselves?

Do we even notice the thought processes that creep in and form habits and then stay embedded, preventing us from being our best selves?

We are often quick to look externally for reasons for our lives being imperfect, or not as we had hoped. How often do we look within to notice what is not working for us, whether it be in our personal or working lives?

Are the same thought processes holding us back for both?

This talk revolved around the subconscious messages we absorb and the areas where women tend to direct their focus and place their value. The purpose of the talk was to highlight how we often unknowingly hinder our own progress in becoming the happy, powerful women we were meant to be, and to encourage attendees to break free from these self-imposed limitations. It was an invitation for participants to embark on an intriguing journey of self-discovery.

About the speaker

Raina Kalhan is married with a 23year old son and 27year old daughter, and a maltipoo dog called Axl.

I know that we can grow and develop through our difficulties, and this is why I chose to be a stress, anxiety and confidence coach.

Having worked in various careers, I only found my calling when I trained as a Master NLP Life Coach and practitioner, Clinical hypnotherapist and Time-Line therapist. It satisfied a deep-rooted need within me for connection, empowerment (self and for others) and human compassion which other careers did not. This also overflows into my role as a mentor for young people for a charity called Safe Space.

Alongside spending time with my family, I love meeting new people, travel, art, yoga, theatre, dance, and am looking to try a new exercise called Nia. I endeavour to keep growing and evolving towards my best self, whilst helping others to do the same.

Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raina-kalhan-bestofmenlp/

Website: https://www.bestofmenlp.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bestofmenlp/

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