The Ultimate Guide To Joyful Living

Do you ever wish your life wasn’t so difficult, complicated, exhausting and stressful? It’s a question many corporate professionals keep on asking especially after everything we’ve been through with the pandemic.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a new way of living that gives you more purpose, more balance, more energy and… a lot more joy?

At the unique and inspiring masterclass, Gilly shared with us how we could achieve exactly that with her unique Lifestyle Pivoting Method.

During the event, attendees learned the following:

  • We explored three reasons why the pandemic had provided the perfect opportunity for making life changes.
  • Gilly shared her personal story, transforming from a tired and stressed corporate professional to a future filled with joy and fulfillment. Inspiring examples of her achievements were also shared.
  • The exact five-step formula that guaranteed a life pivot to new levels of enjoyment, fulfillment, and balance was revealed.

The session also allowed ample time for questions, and participants received information on how to work with Gilly and get involved in her exciting new projects.

About Gilly Kennedy, Founder of the Lifestyle Pivoting App

An ex-corporate professional turned coach who specialises in helping hard-working professionals at a crossroads in their life, manage the process to a joy-sparking future.

Gilly spent more than 35 years in strategy, program and project management roles internationally and knows first-hand the pressures that can be experienced as a working Mum in this type of setting.

She has devoted more than a decade to exploring and experimenting how to bring about more joy in our lives and has created a unique Lifestyle Pivoting App offering powerful personal development programs in a bite-sized, accessible format.

Her work has had rave reviews with clients describing their experience as “totally inspiring”, “making the seemingly impossible possible” with “life changing results”.


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