Three Secrets to a Confident Returnity

In the fast-paced world of professional life, the return to work after maternity leave can be a challenging and uncertain time. Navigating the balance between career and family, and overcoming the infamous “working mum’s guilt,” requires a strategic approach. In a recent insightful session, Nicki Young, Maternity Coach and HR Consultant (MCIPD), shared invaluable wisdom and practical tips on making this transition with confidence.

Understanding the Challenge

Nicki, drawing upon her extensive experience as an HR Consultant and Certified Executive Coach, empathizes with the overwhelming feelings and stress that often accompany the return to the workplace. The challenges faced during this transition are not just professional; they are deeply personal, touching on questions of identity and the perennial struggle to balance various roles.

Three Secrets to a Confident Returnity

In her session, Nicki unpacked the “Three Secrets to a Confident Returnity.” These secrets go beyond the conventional advice, offering a holistic approach that encompasses personal well-being, career growth, and family dynamics. The aim is to empower individuals to shed the burdens of guilt and uncertainty and embrace their full identity.

  1. Reframing Perspectives: Nicki passionately advocates for a mindset shift. By seeing oneself not merely as a mother or a career professional but as a whole individual, one can approach the return to work with newfound confidence. This shift in perspective can positively impact personal and professional outcomes.
  2. Strategic Decision-Making: The session delves into practical strategies for decision-making during this critical period. From managing work schedules to aligning family priorities, Nicki provides actionable insights that enable individuals to make informed choices that resonate with their unique circumstances.
  3. Thriving in Dual Roles: Nicki firmly believes that success is not an either-or scenario. Balancing motherhood and a career is achievable when individuals embrace their complete selves. This holistic approach is not only beneficial for personal satisfaction but also contributes to the flourishing of both family and career.

Access the Recording

For those who may have missed the live session, the recording is now available for viewing below. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights that can transform your return-to-work experience.

Learn More About Nicki Young

Explore Nicki’s professional journey and extensive expertise on her LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickiyoung/. As an HR Consultant, former Culture & Values team leader, and Certified Executive Coach, Nicki brings a wealth of knowledge to support individuals in their professional and personal growth.

Additional Resources

Discover more resources and support on Nicki’s dedicated websites:

Empower yourself to make your return to work a confident and fulfilling experience. Nicki’s session is a beacon of guidance in navigating the complexities of work and family life. Take the time to watch the recording and embark on your journey to a confident returnity.

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